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What is Shorinji Kempo?

The traditional list of Shorinji Kempo attributes is


1) Both the mind and the body of the student is developed. Through meditation in each class and the concentration that is required of training a clearer mind is encouraged, useful for every situation to make the best decisions.


2) Strength and compassion go hand in hand. Good intentions need the ability to be followed by action else they are worthless.


3) Defense is primary, offense is secondary. The vast majority of techniques begin with an attack from an agressor and a response from the defender to make the attack ineffective followed by a counter move. This is strategically and philosophically advantageous but it also helps with the legal aspect of defending yourself in a real situation.


4) Softness and Hardness go together. By using strikes with throws and escapes a broad range of responses is possible. At a more advanced level, each technique can be seen to have softer and harder elements.


5) Pairform is essential. You cannot practise meaningful martial arts without lots of work with a partner to judge distance, timing and an attackers intentions.


6) Practise without injury. In its application, Kempo does not seek to break bones or kill. Using maximum effect for minimum damage an attacker is controlled without long term health issues. Every Kempo dojo enjoys a very good safety record.


For more on the history of Kempo see


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