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A successful IKA seminar in the Spanish sun

By Kempo Website, May 1 2017 11:00PM

Members of Bristol Shorinji Kempo Dojo attended the International Kempo Association seminar in Beasain, Spain. On the Saturday morning there was a demonstration for some of the local people - we had around 200-300 people in the audience, and we were even on the TV!

The children’s class were impressive, both in size and in quality. It’s given us notions and we’re considering starting a children’s class in Bristol. Get in touch if you would be interested!

For the rest of the weekend, we trained hard. Some very good Kempo instruction was had by all, from the senior instructors of the IKA - Japanese, British, Spanish, and others.

Of course, training can only last so long, and there was plenty of time to enjoy chatting with people from all over the Kempo World, eat, drink, and enjoy the Spanish sun.

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