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The Welsh Experiment II

By Kempo Website, Aug 20 2016 01:00AM

After the success of the 2014 Welsh Experiment, Cardiff dojo repeated the experience this year. In 2014 we took our shakujo (6 foot staff weapons) to the Welsh mountains and used the natural dojo to practice - both shakujo and meditation - in the glorious sunshine.

Alas, this year the weather did not cooperate, and instead of swinging our shakujo on a lovely sunny mountainside, we took part in such experiments as “who has the best waterproofs” and “how hard is it to hold on to a wet shakujo?”. We also took the wise decision to do the meditation portion of the event inside!

We did have a clear night though, which gave the opportunity for a little fun with glow sticks.

It was a brilliant event, and we learnt a lot. I’d love to see it become less “experiment” and more established as part of the regular cycle of events which the BSKF run.

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