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By Kempo Website, Dec 19 2016 12:00AM

Our Christmas social event was a trip to the bowling alley after training, and it was excellent fun. However, there was a down side. It turns out that none of us are particularly good at bowling!

We were all quite soundly beaten by Sensei’s three-year-old son. We’re all claiming it was because he had the barriers up on the gutters and we didn’t…

By Kempo Website, Sep 17 2016 11:00PM

Cardiff Dojo invited us to join them on a social event recently. We went to Go Ape and swung around in the trees. It was all very safe, with all the harnesses and safety instructions. But still… you’re quite high up. Not one for people who have a fear of heights. For those of us not cursed with that affliction, though, it was fun.

Afterwards we went for a meal at a local pub, and caught up on all the gossip.

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