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Classes are aimed to be both useful and enjoyable. By having clear goals throughout the lesson, the focussed training improves progress. Concentration and mutual respect are fundamental principles.


If it is your first class, you need to bring only suitable clothing for exercise. Remove all jewellery, your watch etc for safety.


The structure is as follows:




Getting the body temperature up to prepare for training, and doing flexibility work. Also by practising simple Kempo movements at this stage it helps warms up your co-ordination too reduces the risk of injuries. Kempo has an excellent safety record and part of this is due to paying attention to starting correctly.




The building blocks of movements are practised on your own, and with a partner. Punches, kicks and other strikes, footwork are a focus of every class. In doing so, the more complex techniques are better understood from a firm foundation.




Meditation through watching the breath, and reciting the Kempo statement of purpose.




Technical training appropriate to your grade.




Most sessions are followed by a chat in a nearby pub.