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Overview of Techniques

What all techniques have in common are:


1) Kempo principles can be learnt and applied by people of any gender, size, or build.


2) whole body movements mean a defender can have large effort aimed at a  highly focussed target for very effective results.


3) using opponent's weaknesses of balance or vital points the effect of a counterattack is greatly increased.


4) the outcome on an attacker is powerful, but leaves no long term damage


Kempo defense techniques are basically grouped into 2 main families:




Otherwise known as "soft" techniques, these movements are applied as mostly defenses to being grabbed, or when an attacker attempts to throw you. They are distinct from GOHO WAZA in that their application general involves some continuous contact rather than a strike. Escapes, throws and pinning techniques are taught under this heading.




The "hard" techniques cover the other side of attacks where an opponent attempts to kick or punch the defender. Generally a counter strike is the response, but at more advanced level an attacker can be thrown to the ground.


It's not black and white though


Often a juho technique will include a strike to help defend yourself, or a goho technique might include some aspect of off-balancing an attacker. Or even within one movement there are aspects of goho and juho.